Logos, Mailing Lists and boxes

There’s been much happening over the last week, aside from returning to work after a couple weeks off and then being sent back into lockdown (albeit only a 3-day local lockdown) due to a new strain if COVID arriving fresh from the UK.

This week has all been about preparing for the year ahead by getting on with those little things that I’ve been putting off for some time.

From sitting to standing

One key change I wanted to make first up this year was switching from a seated desk to a stand-up desk in my office. I made the change at my day job at the end of last year and really liked it. I feel a lot more productive and less inclined to zoning out or procrastination when working while standing up, supposedly because it isn’t as relaxing to stand.

Whatever the psychological reasoning, I felt the need to get my home office set up as a stand-up desk.

While I was able to repurpose sections of an old bed to make the monitor and surface stand, trying to make a moveable part for keyboard and mouse was a different story.

What was once a bed is now a monitor stand

I didn’t have anything that suited, or was able to be modified, to be at the right height for the keyboard and mouse and be movable if I ever wanted to sit down again.

The answer came as a result of visiting the local tip shop – a shop that recycles old furniture, clothes and so on to reduce landfill.

Yes, the box itself sorta looked like a coffin, but I’m 67% sure it isn’t. However, it was the only thing in the place that fit the bill for the dimensions I needed.

No its not a coffin on my desk…I think!

My first plan for it was to sand it back, so with the lockdown providing the perfect opportunity, I got to work with the sander and the Dremel to get it back to bare wood.

As it turned out, the lid was painted blue at some point and had a white diamond painted on it prior to that. Now, I could have kept sanding and got it all back to the original wood finish, but I like the blue and white fatigued look, so I’m keeping it.

ITs amazing what you find sometimes

The result is that everything fits and works just fine. It’s not a massive change, but it is a worthwhile one.

That looks more like it!

The Mailing List

One of my key deliverables for 2021 is establishing and maintaining a mailing list.

This has been both easy and hard.

Its easy to get the account set up, and even easier to write the welcome email.

However, it has been a fair bit harder to get the subscription pop up to work consistently and having mail chimp talking to me blogsite (and vice versa).

There is still some work to do in this space, particularly around the weekly digest, but I’ll get there with it. It’s all learning experience and a challenge that I’m up for.

So, look out for more in this space.

Or, alternatively, you can subscribe below!

The Logo

It seems strange that such a simple thing as putting together a logo would take over a year to do. And, in essence it is strange.

Last year I wanted to design logo for my blog and all the material that will come from it. Sadly, I got caught up chasing perfection with how I wanted the logo to look.

Additionally, I felt that I shouldn’t have to pay for a simple logo to be designed, It’s the principal of the matter.

So, for the whole of last year I toyed here and there with designing a logo for my site. All of which were largely rubbish and not what I wanted.

With some renewed vigour, I set out today to design a logo to be able to go on my email subscriptions.

This meant going through all the normal “free” services, only to be disappointed all over again!

It didn’t taker long to get tired of all the bland and boring generic logos from the free services. So, it was back to making my own and using the same software that I use in my “office” to get the job done.

The new logo

The result is a simple, yet effective logo that fits what I want. Sure, it isn’t perfect, but it’s a good starting point that could lead to the perfect logo and some point.

Everything has to start somewhere.

This year is of to a much better start then last year. I have a lot more things organised, my defined goals are coming along nicely and I’m making good progress.

There are a few other things that will come along very soon that will push me pretty hard in the later part of this year.

And I can’t wait for every single one of them to test me, I need pressure to produce diamonds. Without pressure, all I produce is shit!

For those still in lockdown, enjoy the serenity. As for everyone else, enjoy your freedom.

‘til next time….. Cheers!

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