Hi, my name is Scott Walker and I’m the Man In Oz. For many years I was somewhat lost and struggling to find happiness and fulfilment within myself. But in 2018 everything changed. I started to rediscover what being a man means to me, and with some direction, I started to improve my life.

A cancer scare late in 2018 slowed me down a bit as I had to focus on my recovery, but it gave me time to think about what is important to me and how I can contribute to improving the lives of men around me. I’ve lost many mates in the recent years, and its something I’m determined to fix by bringing men together, helping them find what’s important to them and help them seek fulfilment.

Which brings me to my blog and this website. My aim is to share my journey, and in doing so, motivate other men (and anyone really) to venture out and explore. I’ve always been a man of doing and this blog will be no different.

I hope you will all join my on this journey, I promise it will be anything but boring.


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