95. A Very Merry Christmas

Well, I hope by now you’re past your Christmas Day festivities and reading this sometime after the actual day.

Originally, I was never going to write a post on Christmas Day; but, as it stands, here I am.

I’ve always felt that Christmas is a personal time and not something to be used to get likes on social media, but given that my following is small, I thought I’d throw something together just for shits and giggles.

So, for a laugh, here’s my Good, Bad and Ugly of Christmas:

The Good

Drinking before lunchtime. One of only a handful of days each year where this is acceptable!

Getting money to buy stuff – which will either be beer, records or a guitar!

Watching kids ride to sugar induced emotional rollercoaster, especially when you feed them more sugar to further test the limits!

That one relative who seems to be more drunk than everyone else. On most occasions, it is me!

Finding that one overcharged Christmas bon bon. There’s always one that nearly blows someone’s face off!

The bad

The dip that everyone keeping eating even though it’s been in the sun for 5 hours. It has gone an odd shade of brown and smells as funky as a five-year-old odour eater!

The moment you realise you’re running out of beer. Thank god this rarely happens!

Shitty, sappy Christmas movies. Die Hard is the only true Christmas movie!

That one person who persists on buying me a non-alcohol related gift. Do you even know me?

Getting stuck on dishwashing duties, and its always with that one lazy arse cousin that you hate!

The Ugly

People who don’t bring meat for the BBQ. Do they not know that shit like this can tear apart the fabric of time!

Non-alcohol drinkers telling you that you’ve “had enough”. Rubbish, I haven’t had enough, that’s the problem!

The state of your house once everyone leaves. Who the fuck shat in the cupboard?

The state of my beer fridge the next day. Who drank all my fucking beer? Oh, wait……….

In all seriousness.

Thank you to all those who have supported me and my blog this year. I am humbled by the support I receive.

Thank you to my family for putting up with me, it ain’t easy, trust me!

And thank you to you, I hop you had (or are having) a very Merry Christmas!

‘til next time….. Cheers!

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